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UListu.s. is great for selling

  • Physical products and downloads


Sell more, happier customers, happier you.

1. Setup your store

A simple process that will make your store ready to accept payments, setup shipping options and ready to fulfill orders in a snap

4. Fulfill orders

Making sure your customer is updated on the process and receives all the shipping and handling information every step of the way. Great for both physical products and downloads.

2. Build & manage products

Create your new products to display on the website and ready to sell immediately.

5. Sell more

Use promo codes and build a relationship with your existing customers, using our communication tools to stay connected.

3. Sell

You are ready to sell as soon as you have input your products, which are then beautifully presented on our website.

Join a marketplace where millions of buyers
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Low fees

List your items for $0.20 and Paypal's 9% transactions fee, no monthly members fee or any other fees afterward.

Powerful tools

Our tools and services make it easy for you to start and manage your new store.

Support and Education

Our FAQ page is loaded with all the info you need to get your store up and running.

Product variations

A product can be sold in different variations of the same product, for example in different colors and sizes. For each variation, you can set the stock and price.

You are not limited by pre-defined variations, create your own.


  • Clothes (size, color)
  • Tech (components)
  • Health products (packaging quantity)
  • Any other variation of the products

Affordable, transparent and secure

  No Monthly Fees

  Automatic Deposits

Start selling for next to nothing. You only pay after your item has sold. No sale, no fee.

US$ 0.20

Listing Fee

Listings are active for two months. List your items for only $0.20 and Paypal’s 9% transactions fee, no monthly members fees.


Transaction Fee


 All fee processing is done via PayPal or square, so there is no need for UListU.S. to charge you or collect your credit card info for additional fees.

Seller’s Stories

UListU.S. has been an integral part of my growth from hobbyist to full-time screenprinter and business owner

Susan from Bricks Handmade

Thanks to UListU.S. my small hobby has exploded

Steve from Flags for vets

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